Our team collaborates with clients and design team members to develop comprehensive and tailored solutions embracing the full spectrum of applicable renewable energy technologies and equipment within any building type. We give transparent and quantifiable advice on the renewable energy technology that is most suited for incorporation in the design and one that will deliver the largest carbon reduction for the building or development.

The seven recognised sources of renewable energy are:

  1. Solar
    • Photovoltaic cells to generate electricity
    • Solar thermal hot water generation
  2. Wind Energy
  3. Hydroelectric
  4. Biomass Energy
  5. Geothermal Energy
  6. Ocean – tidal and wave energy
  7. Hydrogen

When potential renewable energy technologies are considered for a development, we will assess the viability, capital cost, environmental impact, operating cost and predicted carbon emission reduction with viable options assessed on a whole life cycle basis.

Providing this level of information enables our client to make an informed decision when investing in renewable energy technologies, with a clear understanding of the likely costs and benefits.