Having advised clients on their potential options to achieve Net Zero, our team explores these options further using highly sophisticated modelling software.

This includes:

  • Building Regulation Compliance (Part F, Ventilation)
  • Building Regulation Compliance (Part L, Conservation of Fuel & Power)
  • Building Regulation Compliance (Part O, Overheating)
  • Climate Change Adaption & Mitigation
  • Energy Statements
  • TM52 / TM59 Thermal Comfort Assessment
  • CBDM Assessment
  • Psi-Value Calculations
  • Airflow & Ventilation Modelling
  • Passive Design Analysis
  • TM54 Operational Energy Performance Assessments
  • BB101 Adaptive Thermal Comfort of Schools Compliance Reporting

Utilising energy modelling allows our design team to make critical judgements and improvements at the early design stages of the building and allows optioneering studies to find the most efficient solution for the client. All these factors lead to better energy performance and lower carbon emissions of a building, aiding in the fight against climate change.