Building energy models are often produced during the design stage in order to meet building regulations compliance.

However, once the compliance rating is achieved, these models are often disregarded and rarely are they utilised through into the operational phase to ensure that the buildings are actually performing as their design intended.

This doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, these countless energy models represent a massive untapped resource for built environment stakeholders which, in the right hands, can be transformed into a highly valuable asset throughout the entire building lifecycle.

Using a process known as calibration, we can evolve your existing BIM or compliance models from a static representation of your building(s) into a fully-fledged, living digital twin which mirrors the behaviour and dynamics of its real-world counterpart. We can help you capture and feed real world operational data from your buildings back into your digital twin and combine this with the unique power of physics-enabled simulation, machine learning and AI to provide a highly accurate digital asset which evolves with the building itself. Pushing the boundaries of traditional energy modelling to provide real-time insights and opportunities to measure and optimise performance, learn from historical performance and plan for the future of your buildings.

This includes:

  • Operational Energy Management & reporting