Using a detailed digital model of the building, our team can assess various Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) options to determine the best and most efficient design solutions for our clients, to move them towards Net Zero. LZC options may include:

• Solar Photovoltaic Panels
• Solar hot water
• Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
• Biomass heating
• Fuel cells
• Biomass CHP
• Ground source abstraction, open-loop cooling only
• Ground source heat pumps closed-loop heating & cooling (GSHPs)
• Water source heat pumps (WSHPs)
• Air source heat pumps (ASHPs)
• Wind turbines
• Trigeneration, combined cooling, heat & power (CCHP)

Our decarbonisation and LZC feasibility studies sets out the advantages and disadvantages of different renewable energy solutions and low or zero carbon technologies. Our studies highlight how best a client can move towards Net Zero, and the resultant capital expenditure and running costs.