S I Sealy has long promoted sustainable and low carbon design solutions through a holistic approach by bringing together all the building designers and technical specialists needed to optimise the performance of a new building or retrofit an existing building.

We have helped many clients realise their sustainability and low carbon aspirations, such as the BREEAM Outstanding and better than net-zero carbon Cooperative Group Headquarters;  numerous low carbon extra care developments such as Burnage LaneGorton Mill HouseMaple WestOak Priory and Willow Barns; low carbon schools that comply with the London Plan such as Paxton Primary and Whitehall Park Primary.

Our expertise covers the key areas of reducing carbon emissions and achieving regulatory compliance. We offer a complete range of decarbonisation studies, including passive design optimisationclimate change adaptation & mitigationoptimising orientationrenewable energy studiesthermal comfort & wellnessclimate-based daylight studiesenergy statements and specialist BREEAM reports.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve “Net Zero Carbon” buildings in terms of operational carbon. We can also provide our clients with advice on reducing the embedded carbon emissions of buildings and help deliver buildings that are truly net-zero carbon in both construction and operation

To read more about the definition of, and the road map to achieving “Net Zero Carbon” download our guide here.