Client: Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust
Completion: 2022

Our team has conducted a site-wide decarbonisation study for the Royal Oldham Hospital, which encompasses various buildings of varying ages, construction conditions and thermal performance. This initiative aims to drive positive change throughout the hospital’s estate and help them meet the NHS 2040 decarbonisation target.

The Royal Oldham Hospital provides a wide range of services to the local community and comprises several buildings, including the main hospital building, outpatient clinics, and administrative offices. The buildings vary in age and construction, with some dating back to the 1870s and which have also undergone a range of refurbishments over the years.  This poses a challenge in terms of decarbonisation. Older buildings tend to be less energy-efficient and require more maintenance and upgrades to improve their thermal performance. The hospital needs to maintain high standards of care and safety while reducing its carbon footprint, which requires careful planning and coordination.

Initially, we conducted a desktop exercise to understand the construction age and condition of each building, and site visits were undertaken to verify the ages and support the information. Plant surveys were also conducted to gather information about energy consumption and servicing strategies, and thermal models were built to detail the best and most efficient way to service each building.

Based on this information, our team developed a timeline of interventions focused on providing insulation and air tightness works. New technologies such as air source heat pumps (ASHP) were evaluated for their potential benefits in reducing energy consumption and meeting the 2040 decarbonisation target set by the NHS.

The decarbonisation report will be used as a long-term strategic roadmap for the hospital to follow over the next 15-20 years and will include considerations for the hospital’s capital development and site extension, along with consideration of the incineration plant, steam network, CHP network, potential roof works and decarbonisation plans for plant rooms and potential innovative infrastructure works such as hydrogen and biofuel networks that may be available over the next 15-20 years.

Throughout the project, our team is working closely with the client and stakeholders to ensure their long-term plan and goals are met whilst holding regular face-to-face presentations with the client and other stakeholders to ensure they are aware of the progress and achievements of the project and to ensure client satisfaction.